Saturday, March 4, 2017

Guide to Data - Lesson 2 : Tequila worms and how to do IT Security

Lesson 2: Tequila worms and how to do IT Security

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I love Tequila worms. For two reasons – the first is that if you have tequila worm in your mouth, chances are you had Tequila, and if you had Tequila, the night is already crazy. The second is because if you discover a tequila worm, then are still in control of your bodily functions.
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So in a mathematical formula:

Safe < Tequila Worm < Unsafe

What does this mean? Well think of it like this – you assume that when you are drinking you are safe. You so aren’t. I once sat down, had a scotch, read a book and the story became so realistic I had make sure Mr Bourne wasn’t downstairs. Drinking is fun, not safe.

This is why I come back to IT. 
Technology is fun, not safe. 
No Computer < Secure Internet Access < Facebook
So you need to celebrate the fact that you are not passed out on the floor with technology. 

If you want some free security (for IT) from some good guys checkout the following links, sorry don't have anything to stop you throwing up after Tequila yet, so the research continues:

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