Wednesday, February 24, 2016

So where were we?

Yes, Yes I know. It's been a while since I treated this with respect. In fact I would say that I had crippled this poor site and left it to die.

But I now understand that this is an important medium for me. This is the free space, the sand in a sandpit, the paint in a tub.
It might not reflect what ends up on the canvas that is my life - but it will affect its out come.

I had a great lunch yesterday with someone who had the same spark in their eyes as I did when I was their age. I told them that now is the time to do great things - and through a vicarious transmission I told myself also.

You might find yourself in some kind of limbo rut - you might be asking yourself questions you already know the answers to. I certainly did - which is why this exists (again). With today's culture - we have a habit of putting a filter for the world to see. We post what we want others to believe in us. We only show the skewed positive - we don't show the raw. The raw is important. The raw IS us.

So find a space to breathe. Put some headphones and music on, and just start typing. Expose the layers in raw form and you find - in however many letters it takes you.

This is not social media - this is meditation media and you need it.

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