Sunday, June 12, 2011

Yes we are parents Isaac

Well what a chaotic 48 hours.
Got up, studied (4:30am), Did my economics test, got out of test, drove Yuqi to Aiport to pick up YuqiMum, got home.......and Yuqi's water broke. (1pm)

She wasn't feeling any contractions so after talking to the midwife she said that if nothing had kicked in before Sunday she would induce labor @ 8am.

8pm Sat night, the contractions kicked in hard. She was 2cm Dialated by 9:30pm.
Yuqi was not coping well at all, and was concerned she wouldn't survive the car trip to hospital. So we left for hospital at 10pm.

By the time we got there she was in incredible pain, we couldn't get in the Maternity entrance, so mad dash to get the car to the emergency side. She was give some drugs to take the edge off but they did very little. Yuqi was fantastic and drove through the pain, but she was being brought to tears. By midnight she was also on the gas, 7cm Dilated.

The contractions were no longer waves but tsunamis crossed with a mean rip current. By 2am Sunday she was having 2-3 in a row, and they were only 3 minutes apart. The pain was destroying her, and I felt helpless.
All she could do was death grip me, and I have to admit at that point her grip was fading - it scared me.

We finally got an epidural setup at 2:30. She was 9cm dilated, but her body was drained. Previous to this I was no longer tired, but actually reacting to simple things such as NOS and Drips. But I think the key thing was that I had not kept my fluids up, and I was shattered, In looking after Yuqi - I had forgotten to take care of my own well being. I was now useless to Yuqi, so I would take 5 minute breaks and sit down (I had be standing the whole time).  By about 4am I both got about 30 minutes sleep.

I awoke to find out that the pregnancy had not progressed, so poor Yuqi had to have a C-section.
Little Isaac was brought into the world at 7am, Sunday 12 June 2011. He knew my voice instantly.

He was a big boy, at 8-9lbs (3.8-4kgs), his head was in the wrong position to go naturally and he also had the cord around his neck twice. So C-section was the only way we could have got him out.
Both him and mum are recouping fine. He is a smart young boy - his eyes are very observant, he speaks and he likes learning. Kinda scary considering how young he is.

Will Yuqi recuperating and having quality baby time, I ask that you don't call her - but a friendly txt is ok. Likewise she will be in hospital for 4 days so no visitors for this week.

I am stoked (and tired). He is awesome, Yuqi is a fantastic mum and while we had a little 'Storm' on our hands, sometimes you know when you taking a step into the right direction.

Now back to my Uni stuff  :S Thank god I don't also have work to deal with right now.