Thursday, June 9, 2011

Welcome to the fold

Hey Guys, how are you going?
Well as you may have noticed from my sporadic posts. Life has been pretty full on, and it doesn't look like slowing anytime soon. 

Big project I was working on, got delivered on time. As usually it required the usually finally 100m sprint to the finish line. In this case I worked 8am Thurs until 4am Fri. Then up again at 8am, loaded until the car and presented a few hours later.  

But its not all doom and gloom. As you know the little man is on the way. And we have been given a whole horde of goodies for the little man. Including a Massive, no hang on that wasn't right.... MASSIVE contribution from Edith and Co. Guys we love ya. But will go into the boys toy collection when he arrives.

We also have some new adult toys at home....hehe ;) no not that kinda of toys.
We got a new TV. Sony CX520 

It is such a relief to have good resolution and clear picture quality on my eyes. Not to mention the simple fact that at 1920x1080 @ 75 Hz @ 32" I think its actually the best screen resolution (on one monitor) I have actually looked at. Will the PC or laptop hooked up to it I can actually see whole network diagrams done in Visio. Fantastic bit of kit. Also with the internet hooked up in the back of it, a couple of simple button pushes and you can watch online content as well as the usual NZ Freeview channels. I am also pleasantly impressed with Freeview channel 7. Not a bad substitute for Discovery, especially considering it it free.

The other little gizmo in the household, is me submitting to the world. Work has now given me something I have been fighting for years. I am now in possession of a touchscreen (only) smart-phone. I now download apps like the rest of you saps. I now waste hours and hours throwing birds at pigs, getting my emails pushed to my phone, playing with pretty backgrounds that move when I touch it. I am a slave to the droid, I own a Galaxy (or is that Galazy?) S.

Right I best be off. I have just realized its nearly midnight, no thanks to the tv which is still on, or the android which will no doubt beep at me when I finish this post.

Lord knows how those apple fans manage to sleep at all.