Monday, April 11, 2011

Its bad when you start the day with - "Well I can't be fucked, I busy enough already"

Sorry guys, I don't usually do this.......but I am tired. I am cranky......I NEED TO VENT!!!!

Its bad when you start the day with - "Well I can't be fucked, I busy enough already"
But this is the cold, hard truth that I am facing.
Its 10:30pm, I have a list of things to do before tomorrow.......but I can't be fucked.
I worked dumb hours last week. Because I have to do a big project.......and to get to site is 4 hours drive. So that basically means that I am driving 1 day of the week. Working another 5. My weekends are chewed up with either Uni tests or looking at houses/cars for wife......or if I am lucky cleaning. Then preparing for the next day of craziness......

This just goes round and round. I don't get stuff all time to spend with my future son or my wife for the matter. Whom needs all the help she can get at this point. The dumb hours I am working are just going to get worse this week as not only do I have to do all the dumb stuff I did last week......but I also I need to chew up what is left of my weekend by also setting up for a training course next week. Why the weekend.......BECAUSE I AM TOO BUSY THIS WEEK AND NEXT WEEK TO DO IT!!!!
This only gets worse when I look at how I am appreciated. Yep I worked it out. After tax, my last bonus and pay rise worked out to a 0.6% per annum increase over what was getting paid from day one........18 months ago. To make matters worse, this is still 20% lower than what I was being paid 2 years ago.

This image pretty much summed up how I felt like while I am tapping away at the keyboard right now.

Nuff said really.
MBA done in June
Baby boy due June
Big project finished in June

June sounds like an interesting month, need to line a few things up I think......and have a break for once.

Right that felt better. See I needed to vent. Now back to the things I was suppose to do tonight.......fuck it, I'm off to bed.