Saturday, February 19, 2011

Midnight natterings 1

Staying up late to try and sort a big assignment. For more reasons than one.
The assignment is a development plan. Where I sit down and set my problems, resolutions and goals for the next 3 years.
I know I have a slackness, lack of desire to push forward in some areas. I kill time with some pointless tasks - that do no inspire me. This has been leading me to do some dumb things, and pass up some dreams I have held for some time.

Its like that age old saying - "Would the 4 year old version of you, kick you in the nuts?".

What motivates you?

I think what motivates me is good music. Just have Shapeshifter in the headphones. Feeling good. Dunno why. Perhaps also V has kicked in. So I guess V also motivates me.
When I look back at my entries into "The angel, the devil and a motorbike" Yuqi motivated well as music and V.....haha

I guess I feel a motivation in regard to Yuqi, and my boy on the way - but I am not sure how that motivation works. Need to do a bit of digging.