Sunday, July 17, 2011


Prepare for a revolution!
I am looking to completely freeze this site - and setup a few other blogs all to run in parrallel replacing this beast. has become a big of a beast, cluttered and unorganised. So I hope to turn her into a hydra and sort out the topics.
Some you will see appear to the right here >>>
So expect big changes over the next few weeks.

I will most likely still operate this site, but it will be considered a gateway to all the other sites. And entrance into a hallway of doors.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

hmmmmm is blogger working anymore?

I just tried posting in another of my blogs and the post doesn't seem to have appeared on the main page.
Whats up blogspot - new format not working? Roll it back please.

In other news ipredict finally listened to the hordes of people who were leaving and revised its fee structure. So I am back on there again.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Well that was a fun dash in ipredict, but now the honeymoon is over

Recently the iPredict admin put this on their blog (

  • $2.50 account set up fee
  • $2.50/month account fee
  • 0.35% trading fee (35 cents per $100 traded); 0% trading fee on Active Orders and bundle purchases.
  • No withdrawal fee.
We will be introducing a close account function with this change.

So alas, this has cut the bottom right out of the market, for small traders like me with sub-$100 amounts invested in different stocks.

I have big issues with this.....
- Most stocks take more than a month to mature
- If you gains are consistantly 30% (@$100 invested) you will end up with negative returns
- With no-one taking the "cheap risks" the only players left will be the sharks, completely red water market but with no prey.
- ipredict was a tool to define what the people think, now it is what the elitist think.

I believe you will find this is the beginning of the end of ipredict. No doubt there will be somebody out there that is thinking - "Hey now is the perfect time to create a competitor". If so you are correct, not only are you correct - but I have $1000 to invest in your company and become a shareholder. I will even help you get it off the ground. Drop me an email if you wish to start this venture.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Yes we are parents Isaac

Well what a chaotic 48 hours.
Got up, studied (4:30am), Did my economics test, got out of test, drove Yuqi to Aiport to pick up YuqiMum, got home.......and Yuqi's water broke. (1pm)

She wasn't feeling any contractions so after talking to the midwife she said that if nothing had kicked in before Sunday she would induce labor @ 8am.

8pm Sat night, the contractions kicked in hard. She was 2cm Dialated by 9:30pm.
Yuqi was not coping well at all, and was concerned she wouldn't survive the car trip to hospital. So we left for hospital at 10pm.

By the time we got there she was in incredible pain, we couldn't get in the Maternity entrance, so mad dash to get the car to the emergency side. She was give some drugs to take the edge off but they did very little. Yuqi was fantastic and drove through the pain, but she was being brought to tears. By midnight she was also on the gas, 7cm Dilated.

The contractions were no longer waves but tsunamis crossed with a mean rip current. By 2am Sunday she was having 2-3 in a row, and they were only 3 minutes apart. The pain was destroying her, and I felt helpless.
All she could do was death grip me, and I have to admit at that point her grip was fading - it scared me.

We finally got an epidural setup at 2:30. She was 9cm dilated, but her body was drained. Previous to this I was no longer tired, but actually reacting to simple things such as NOS and Drips. But I think the key thing was that I had not kept my fluids up, and I was shattered, In looking after Yuqi - I had forgotten to take care of my own well being. I was now useless to Yuqi, so I would take 5 minute breaks and sit down (I had be standing the whole time).  By about 4am I both got about 30 minutes sleep.

I awoke to find out that the pregnancy had not progressed, so poor Yuqi had to have a C-section.
Little Isaac was brought into the world at 7am, Sunday 12 June 2011. He knew my voice instantly.

He was a big boy, at 8-9lbs (3.8-4kgs), his head was in the wrong position to go naturally and he also had the cord around his neck twice. So C-section was the only way we could have got him out.
Both him and mum are recouping fine. He is a smart young boy - his eyes are very observant, he speaks and he likes learning. Kinda scary considering how young he is.

Will Yuqi recuperating and having quality baby time, I ask that you don't call her - but a friendly txt is ok. Likewise she will be in hospital for 4 days so no visitors for this week.

I am stoked (and tired). He is awesome, Yuqi is a fantastic mum and while we had a little 'Storm' on our hands, sometimes you know when you taking a step into the right direction.

Now back to my Uni stuff  :S Thank god I don't also have work to deal with right now.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Welcome to the fold

Hey Guys, how are you going?
Well as you may have noticed from my sporadic posts. Life has been pretty full on, and it doesn't look like slowing anytime soon. 

Big project I was working on, got delivered on time. As usually it required the usually finally 100m sprint to the finish line. In this case I worked 8am Thurs until 4am Fri. Then up again at 8am, loaded until the car and presented a few hours later.  

But its not all doom and gloom. As you know the little man is on the way. And we have been given a whole horde of goodies for the little man. Including a Massive, no hang on that wasn't right.... MASSIVE contribution from Edith and Co. Guys we love ya. But will go into the boys toy collection when he arrives.

We also have some new adult toys at home....hehe ;) no not that kinda of toys.
We got a new TV. Sony CX520 

It is such a relief to have good resolution and clear picture quality on my eyes. Not to mention the simple fact that at 1920x1080 @ 75 Hz @ 32" I think its actually the best screen resolution (on one monitor) I have actually looked at. Will the PC or laptop hooked up to it I can actually see whole network diagrams done in Visio. Fantastic bit of kit. Also with the internet hooked up in the back of it, a couple of simple button pushes and you can watch online content as well as the usual NZ Freeview channels. I am also pleasantly impressed with Freeview channel 7. Not a bad substitute for Discovery, especially considering it it free.

The other little gizmo in the household, is me submitting to the world. Work has now given me something I have been fighting for years. I am now in possession of a touchscreen (only) smart-phone. I now download apps like the rest of you saps. I now waste hours and hours throwing birds at pigs, getting my emails pushed to my phone, playing with pretty backgrounds that move when I touch it. I am a slave to the droid, I own a Galaxy (or is that Galazy?) S.

Right I best be off. I have just realized its nearly midnight, no thanks to the tv which is still on, or the android which will no doubt beep at me when I finish this post.

Lord knows how those apple fans manage to sleep at all. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Its only a matter of time now

....But there is SO MUCH WORK TO DO BEFORE THEN!!!!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Still watching......

Insane mad dash for the finish line

I just thought it was ironic that I just finished the above diagram.........and it could be applied to my life right now.
I am tired, so tired. And all I want to do go home and nap with the wife and our yet to be born son.

But before all that happens I need to sort my uni stuff out (hence the economics graph) and also sort out a project for work. All this week. Then the next 4 weeks are dedicated purely to Family + Finishing Uni.

But right now my time is becoming less and less, So why can't I charge it out for more and more?
Surely if I am an elastic economic thing my work should be increasing my payments due to its limited supply.

I wonder if I value the hours more?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Recent Developments

Sorry guys. I have been really slack lately on this front. But truth be told - I have been thinking a lot about this blog and what it means.

The biggest question I have right now is:

What was all this ( - all about?

 I started it many years ago - for no reason except that I was bored. It wasn't originally to vent my opinions, it wasn't to talk about things that grabbed my attention.
In fact all it was - way back then was to show people what I saw from my side of the camera. An easier way to show images of my life.

Since then; I am now in my 3rd job, I  have lived in 2 countries, I got married, I got made redundant for the first time in my life, been through 3 motorbikes, been through 4 cars, did MBA, changed computers 7 times, traveled to countries I never thought I would go to.....I even went through 3 camera's.
My perspective of the world has changed.

So what is this all about now? Do I need to start afresh?

Why did I do it in the first place? Has that idea changed?

Need to find a bit of clarity - from what looks like a milky background......

Take care all

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ever had your qualification rubbished in a blink of an eye?

Because that is what I am feeling right now.
Someone has just announced that what I do for a job is rubbish and any monkey can do it.
Here is why:

Army intelligence at its best - one arm holding open the box, other trying to work on the equipment. Its only a matter of time until that lid smacks him on the head.

Now previously it has only been the lovely world of I.T. that has rubbished my role as a systems engineer. You see there are millions of people walking around today calling themselves systems engineers........but the reality of the matter is they are a "computer technician". They have no idea about mechanical systems, or electrical systems, radio systems or even process systems. They know how to install windows on a computer - and that is all that makes them smart.

But now the army have cottoned onto this idea. The have a bunch of monkeys out rewiring analog tait radios - calling themselves systems engineers.
Now don't get me wrong. I do not have anything against the army. I do not have anything against engineers whom learnt off the tools.
My problem is that it should take 5 years of being "the boy" before your an engineer.

So these guys being called systems engineers because they work on radios, is the equivalent to me being called "Tactical Options Specialist" because I play lots of XBOX.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I am digging my new macro lense :)

Just got a cool little macro/fisheye lens for ANY hand-held digital camera......
Fricken cool.
Here is a photo without the lense.

and here is same shot with the lens fitted....

Now that is fricken cool :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Its bad when you start the day with - "Well I can't be fucked, I busy enough already"

Sorry guys, I don't usually do this.......but I am tired. I am cranky......I NEED TO VENT!!!!

Its bad when you start the day with - "Well I can't be fucked, I busy enough already"
But this is the cold, hard truth that I am facing.
Its 10:30pm, I have a list of things to do before tomorrow.......but I can't be fucked.
I worked dumb hours last week. Because I have to do a big project.......and to get to site is 4 hours drive. So that basically means that I am driving 1 day of the week. Working another 5. My weekends are chewed up with either Uni tests or looking at houses/cars for wife......or if I am lucky cleaning. Then preparing for the next day of craziness......

This just goes round and round. I don't get stuff all time to spend with my future son or my wife for the matter. Whom needs all the help she can get at this point. The dumb hours I am working are just going to get worse this week as not only do I have to do all the dumb stuff I did last week......but I also I need to chew up what is left of my weekend by also setting up for a training course next week. Why the weekend.......BECAUSE I AM TOO BUSY THIS WEEK AND NEXT WEEK TO DO IT!!!!
This only gets worse when I look at how I am appreciated. Yep I worked it out. After tax, my last bonus and pay rise worked out to a 0.6% per annum increase over what was getting paid from day one........18 months ago. To make matters worse, this is still 20% lower than what I was being paid 2 years ago.

This image pretty much summed up how I felt like while I am tapping away at the keyboard right now.

Nuff said really.
MBA done in June
Baby boy due June
Big project finished in June

June sounds like an interesting month, need to line a few things up I think......and have a break for once.

Right that felt better. See I needed to vent. Now back to the things I was suppose to do tonight.......fuck it, I'm off to bed.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Friday, March 25, 2011

screw this.....i need coffee!

So I was up at 4am this morning........ gotta do a test today.....
then drive to Tauranga....
F trying to do this without coffee.....I am off to the supermarket

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Adam liberty vintage cycle - Adam Cramer- CAFE RACER BUILDER PHILADELPH...

Bloody Awesome! :)
Makes me want to walk out of the office, walk straight into my dad's shed and start rebuilding the XS850 and 3TA.......
His website is
Note to self: No matter what, own a garage within 3 years. My tools/bikes are my family, the deserve their own room. Just as much as my future son.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Atlast Shrugged part 1......IN MOVIE FORM

This has to be one of my all time favorite books. EVERY HARD WORKER SHOULD READ IT.

Before all of you ask me, "Who is John Galt?" - he is the creator of the engine.
Engine of what you ask? Now that would be telling.......

Japan footage

No doubt many of you have been hanging on news from Japan.
Well those of you whom have been checking my blog would have noticed the sidebar here>>>>>
being updated every time you refresh with new news from Japan.
The most popular contributor for many has been Reuters. Which has ran and live open stream for anyone to comment. This has allowed for scientists to put their own 2 cents in, and is completely unbiased.

However for those of us who don't have time for reading there are the following streams:


Al Jazeera

and of course the one closest to the ground with the most current information

New Zealand coverage is getting better.........but its still crap. We seem more preoccupied with a pompous prince in our country than quite possibly the worst disaster of our generation.

Friday, March 18, 2011

The war on Chernobyl Documentary

Everyone should watch this. I can help but feel for the people in Japan right now. While this is worse that what they have right now, imagine what will be happening to those whom live within 100km of their failed reactor.

It is worth noting that Japan has 4 failed reactors, and Chernobyl only had one......

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mega Ultra Awesome Combos

For those of you whom loved this era of button mashing is some real life awesomeness......

Ultra Combos 2 brought to you by Prank Videos

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A matter of Perspective.

Japanese House...........Middle of Ocean
Something is wrong with this picture
Navy spotted it.....a long way from 'home'

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Holy Invalid Policeman Batman! Where do they put the chair?

Some old notes I had from 2008.......oddly put into a folder named only "book"

Written 2008….notes for book??? Or more random ramblings…..
Well its 0700, i have been up since 0530, while this in turn is not shocking (lord knows i have done worse to my body in the past). I figure it is time i taught myself how to be a better person.
So welcome to the Journey.

I'm sorry if the terms i use in this book feel very "Engineer-like", but that is what i am. I walked away with my Bachelors and enough hands on skills to take on the world. How little did i know that I would become my own worst enemy in terms of my own future progress? That brings me to my first topic :

Contrary to most beliefs resistance is not the ability to stop things.
It is actually the ability to slow things.
So how does this translate to your life? We'll to put it nicely Human
resistance is the ability (whether you want it or not) to slow things as
they pass through you.
Human resistance however due to materials that make us up, changes. So while
one day you may be massively affected by something that is presented to you,
you may become hardened to these items in future. It is all relative to your
perspective at the time. This change in resistance can make grown men cry and
sweet women cruel.
A visual example of living resistance is that of a river bed. A river bed is
forever changing. Some days its collects more resistance in the forms of silt,
tree branches, river rocks changing position, even kids slowing up the river
flow for fun. But likewise every year, in the wet seasons a massive flood
washes down the river and often removes all excess resistance from the bed.
As humans we are not so lucky, we can quite often collect resistance and
store it for many years. And just like a river collecting excess resistance,
we eventually end up with a dam - blocking all flows through us.
This brings me to the next topic, directly related to resistance : conductivity.
Conductivity is the science of breaking resistance, allowing things to flow through or past you. The best saying I have ever heard on manipulating conductivity was by the hong kong great, bruce lee. Bruce states `you must become fluid like water...if water goes into a glass water becomes the glass.`
This means that you need to be able to change when situations change. You need to be dynanic AND flexible. You need to be water. You need to conduct in your chosen environment.
The downside of conductivity is the fact that people can also become weak. With a lack o their own resisatance. To looks back a bruces thoery. What good is a cup of water chucked in the ocean.
So now its sounding complicated
The reality in life is a lot of things sound difficult but in reality they are simpler then you have percieved them. Very few things in history are achievable by savants alone.
Tiger woods is not the greatest golfer there will always be.

It has been a while since I have updated here but here is the basic rundown. I left hvpower for no reason but leaving NZ for a job I Aussie. The money was not better. But I was getting to safe...... But opening a can of worms is an understatement to how tough it’s been. But I know what I know. And most of the time lessons are learnt the hard way.

So with that said today’s term is... Serenity.
Contrary to what you are thinking. Serenity is not always a good think. For two reasons as there are two versions of serenity. The achievable and the unachievable. Achievable serenity is the kind where you have to do nothing and it appears. When I was young and stupid - I could achieve this on daily basis. At the time I was growing. Trading and taking drugs. I was troubled by my home life at te time and while I needed to be calm a collected around my peers a family. I was losing it inside. Drugs gave me the calm serenity I needed. But took away more than I could imagine. They took away my drive to achieve greater tasks. To pass my comfort zone. I was not going backwards by any means. But I would never go forward either. I had reached achievable serenity. The good balanced the bad and all was right with the world.

Unachievable serenity is the kind where you get o satisfaction at all. A lot of people will tell you that you can achieve anything at all. I'm going to tell you that if you try you may lose it all.
When I was a child I hated heights. This was fear nothing more or less. But a fear that told me that I could achieve nothing to do with heights. But if I ignored that fear. Attempted Everest and died who would have said "maybe that was a bad idea because he was scared".

But alas I digress. My key points here are you fears most of the times are the opposites of your ambitions. If a fear is found fundamental to you - it may be there for a reason. See if you can find an alternative rather than always conquer you fear. You may find that the alternative is your nice. Rather than bastardising your goals so that you achieve "a pass" in something you had no interest in, in the first place.
I bet the guy named Jesus made a really crap carpenter do his fear of being told what to do. Who knows - maybe he walked on water because he could not swim?

Either way if Jesus was to die a man in serenity. He was not going to do it via building a nice house.