Saturday, August 7, 2010

Brammo Empulse

Sorry Guys and Girls.
All I have wanted to do lately is sleep - something work and the MBA do not allow :) However if you have been following me on twitter you may have noticed the little rumors flying around.....
Usually I don't get to bring you news about such an exciting bike. But the guys at Brammo have really taken their gloves off for the latest bike - the EMPULSE.

Finally a electric bike that not only looks like you could ride with the big boys, but with styling that wont get you laughed at.
Rather than reblurb the spec - check the vid out below.

 So, what are your guys thoughts? Do you think it has the market? or is it in Norton Nemesis land?
Looks like I am running out of space here - so my thoughts will have to stay for another post - I let this sink in for now
Thanks for Brammo for the goodies - and before you ask yes I have lots more to come.
Take it easy and keep the rubber side down