Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ayah! Even when I try to relax for the weekend......I burn all I have.

So it was an eventful, rather alcoholic weekend with my friends.
Last weekend was dedicated to family and motorcycle repair, this one was drinking with friends and of course ogling with bikes.
Catching up with Kevin was great - and after a drop in bike drool at Geoff Trumpy and his sons new SRV. We shot out of town to go for a ride.
Lil' Miss Treeted (FZR400) behaved herself all day, so while it wasn't a super fast ride, it was great to get out and feel the green. Attached are photos of the ride.
We haven't broken Kevin's "TON Virginity" yet........but I imagine we can get that GPZ of his up there when his skills are ready.
So what do you guys think of my new KBC helmet? Gotta love the Matte Black. Is actually more comfortable than my Shoei!