Monday, March 22, 2010

80's Yamaha love

Well here is what last weekend was spent on. What initially started as my endeavor to sort out the SRX ended up being a failed attempt to clean out the big shed.
In the end I have concluded the following about the SRX400:
- Its still running a little smokey in the top end a bit, think its running rich. But alas the needles show very near factor settings.....however the carb is a Yamaha special....very annoying. Could possibly be the choke cable (which doesn't look standard). Doesn't seem to be oil which is a good sign.
- Fork seals still need replacing
- A service could do her some good, while she is only 30 something km's old.....she is from 1985......

Then I got stuck, I could not find anything in the shed, so I thought it was time to start a clean up, during the clean up, parts started going back on the XS850 - it was like I was trying to please the gods of Yamaha. You have to admit, the old XS is one sexy bike even though she is a bit bullish.....
I have concluded that the shed has become an XS850 graveyard. But one day they will be all assembled.

I got about 1/10th of the shed tidied up, I hope to continue this mission in future - and will post up some pics when I dig out the old 1950's Triumph 3TA that lingers here......