Thursday, January 7, 2010

American sink Kiwi engineering masterpiece

Today is the sad day. Rich Americans have sunk a New Zealand Maritime marvel.
The "Ady Gil", a bio-diesel Sea Sheppard vessle. Was collided into by a Japanese Whaling vessel "Shonan Maru 2".

Previously named "Earthrace", the New Zealand designed and built ship successfully circumnavigaed the globe in just over 60 days. Costing $2.5 million dollars. It was quite fast and efficient. Reportedly very manoeuvrable.

Only to be parked in front of a Japanese whaler as a giant road spike.
Big bloody waste.
Hey guys I hear Endevour II is on the water these days - why don't you put that in front of a Japanese whaler too?
While I agree with Sea Sheppard's motives, I see there was crappy planning or piloting here - and there was very little those sods in the Whaler could do. It was obvious that the Ady Gil could have got out of the situation a lot easier than the 100 ton whaler.......the control system in that whaler alone would take 30 seconds to turn.