Thursday, October 15, 2009

Myth or lost cause?

 This year for the BAD day (see link below) the issue is climate change. I have had some dealings in this area in the last few years - and unfortunately I see big loop-holes in the climate change case. Don't get me wrong - I DO think we are killing the planet (which is like cutting down the branch you stand on).....but I don't think that climate change is being argued correctly.

My arguments are quite simple:
- How can we base data on temperature measurements when we know the planet does crazy temperature cycles over millions of years (according to rock etc)? That is like arguing that all fruit is sour because you ate a lemon.
- How do we have accurate data - when the means to calculate it have only been devised in the last 100 years.
- Global warming is not a cause of climate change, it is an effect. By placing the blame on global warming, we shift the blame from ourselves.

What we do know:
- We have more and more inconsistant weather patterns (Ill nino is a common term - were previous it was used for "freak weather")
- The sky is becomming clouded in some cities (Shanghai, Tokyo, Christchurch, London...) more so than in the past.
- More and more people are dieing to simple things like lack of nutrients, rather than disease.
- We are running out of useful resources.
- Pressure systems are becoming more inconsistent. Previously these were stable for years (aka ice age)
- The sun becomes more penetrating each year.
- The population has increased, demand has increased.....but supply is decreasing (gradually)

So I ask again, with the myth of global warming aside - is climate change an almost lost cause.
Have we been distracted by the semantics of temperature, rather than dealing with the real issue of demand and education? Is it at the point now where we have a lost cause?