Monday, October 26, 2009

ACC levy increase submission

To whom it may concern.
Rather that take to whole "Its not fair" walk that most motorcyclist will be submitting to you - I actually understand the financial strain that ACC is facing, and I actually think we should all pay more for ACC.
However, I do feel that the proposed scheme in ACC levies does have some pitfalls, which if not addressed are only going to get worse.
It is well known that motorcycles are dangerous, as as most things in life - however ACC levies do not seem to take into account that people stand a high chance of injury using day-to-day items. ACC levies seem to only be concentrated to road users and workers - where in a very matter of fact way everyone knows that chance of injury on the road (and workplace) is very minimal incomparison to the home, public areas and sports grounds.

- Where are the levies on dangerous items such as knives?
- Where are the levies on dangerous tasks such as sports?
- When does the home pay ACC levies?

OSH states that we should treat all Hazards as dangerous, and a hazard is something which COULD cause HARM. However the current ACC levy system seems to think that the only hazards in life are on the road or at work (if thats the case, we should all stay at home then).

My proposal is simple - by all means increase ACC's income to support the idea. But be completely unbiased. An ACC tax of 0.5% on top of GST would easily cover ACC expenses, and would be completely unbiased. Not only that - but because the average household expensive increase would be minimal, it would also be relatively un-opposed.
Now is the time to fix this flawed system, so that all those covered, are paying the costs.