Thursday, August 27, 2009

To my love - you are my world

Well babe, its been a year now.....1 year of marriage. I know we had years of history. But i feel you need something a bit different for an anniversary reminder. So here is an online mix tape just for you.....I Love you.

And i just would like to say i think of you every day.

You are my world...and you need to know that even if i don't say it. I love you. And i will always love you.

Sometimes things don't work out, but just realize that I'm falling hard for you. So when you hurt - the wounds are twice as painful for me.

But we have also had some great times together - and while i am not allowed to put the photos up here. See if you can remember the great times we have had here...

Just remember - we have achieved a lot also. We have climbed great heights, as well as fallen great drops. We not only have miracles, you are MY MIRACLE!

So even in the silence, I will still love you

....So whenever you think i am cutting you out - just remember I'm breaking inside. An its only because of my love that i can't speak.

And whenever i am alone, i feel lost without you in my arms.
So i stayed up all night to tell you this. Because quite frankly babe - i would do anything in this world for you.
I love you