Saturday, August 29, 2009

Personal Vent at LOSERS in the Customer Service Industry

You have been to Macdonald's and got frustrated with the service.....what do you expect for $10/hr.

But recently i went in greenie haven - the ultra-swish "Revive" cafe in Auckland. Don't bother with this place, they are lettuce equivalent of Starbucks with out the drugs (high on life apparently).

While in town recently, i shot in there, grabbed a smoothie, and some "chocolate-salty-balls" - while the partner got me some shanghainese and a steamed bun (from elsewhere). We sat down in the sterile feeling environment that is the hospital grade Revive.

We started eating while my Smoothie was prepared. When she came to deliver me the smoothie she told me i could not eat my food there - even though i had purchased a drink from them. She tried to point out some bullshit that they were a healthy-eating place. Yet i was the only person there. And the food i was eating was healthy. Not only that she told me that IT COULD NOT EVEN BE SEEN!

I felt like telling her to fuck-off and to shove that below average blended banana (for them smoothie means full of chunky ice????) where the sun did not shine. But i kept my cool, put the food away and walked out. Pull your head in Revive, you are not popular, you are not scare away all normal customers with you bullshit attitude, and you scare the greenies away with your elite'st attitude.

It will be cold day in hell before you get my custom again, and i will tell 10 friends, who will tell 10 friends........ learn how to run a company. The customer is not always right, but we do hold all your future income.

Last time i try a healthy choice from people who look like wankers, act like wankers and probably wank off into a salad.
Would rather be given a crap coffee at Mc'D's for half the price.