Saturday, August 8, 2009

Blah blah blah - Mac Motorcycles

Oh god, another praise for Mac Motorcycles? I know - you have heard it all.....
Well, as you guys know, I have a thumper again...... and this has rekindled my love for all things "Uno Cylindro". Basically if you have a love fascination with a should stop listening now. Because when i start talking about the guys at Mac Motorcycles, i may get a bit drunk on the emotion - and start mumbling incoherant sentences about "Humming in the sweet spot" or "Shake rattle and roll" of round town "single" caf 'in.

So to put in the most basic summary known to man. Mac Motorcycles, take a Buell Blast motor (500cc single DUH!) and strap into a frame that looks like its suppose to be ridden.
Everything is cut down on their bikes, just like a true cafe' racer should. Its all nice running gear - So i can tell you straigh away that these bikes will leave Ducati's in the dust in the right hands. And they do their homework. While i like the traditional frame of the just have to love the "big-bend" frame of the others. Its so simple, its clean, its strong.

I can just imagine grabbing one of these, booting it down the street fully opening her up mid-revs down the street. Throttle body croaking like a baratone frog on barry whites viagra, exhaust drumming a solid beat down the empty road and the engine like a big old Singer sewing machine pumping calculated loads of fuel into that lovely motor.

Talking about this bike feels dirty - i don't know if i can go look my wife in the face yet :)
Mac bikes aren't a mistress like your harley would be, it would be the dominatrix that makes you feel like you have to work to get her approval.
I can wait to hear one. It looks like Mac is picking up where the Norton Manx left off.

So check them out at