Saturday, August 29, 2009

Personal Vent at LOSERS in the Customer Service Industry

You have been to Macdonald's and got frustrated with the service.....what do you expect for $10/hr.

But recently i went in greenie haven - the ultra-swish "Revive" cafe in Auckland. Don't bother with this place, they are lettuce equivalent of Starbucks with out the drugs (high on life apparently).

While in town recently, i shot in there, grabbed a smoothie, and some "chocolate-salty-balls" - while the partner got me some shanghainese and a steamed bun (from elsewhere). We sat down in the sterile feeling environment that is the hospital grade Revive.

We started eating while my Smoothie was prepared. When she came to deliver me the smoothie she told me i could not eat my food there - even though i had purchased a drink from them. She tried to point out some bullshit that they were a healthy-eating place. Yet i was the only person there. And the food i was eating was healthy. Not only that she told me that IT COULD NOT EVEN BE SEEN!

I felt like telling her to fuck-off and to shove that below average blended banana (for them smoothie means full of chunky ice????) where the sun did not shine. But i kept my cool, put the food away and walked out. Pull your head in Revive, you are not popular, you are not scare away all normal customers with you bullshit attitude, and you scare the greenies away with your elite'st attitude.

It will be cold day in hell before you get my custom again, and i will tell 10 friends, who will tell 10 friends........ learn how to run a company. The customer is not always right, but we do hold all your future income.

Last time i try a healthy choice from people who look like wankers, act like wankers and probably wank off into a salad.
Would rather be given a crap coffee at Mc'D's for half the price.

Sabina Kelley - International Pinup model

Ahoy there. Well it's been a while since i chucked something up here. So i figured i would dig through the archives a bit and find something different.
Sabina Kelley is your typical blonde bombshell pin-up - She knows what she has got, and she knows how to flaunt it. Go check out her site if you would like to know more. I'm not really going to say much more - a picture speaks a 1000 words.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

To my love - you are my world

Well babe, its been a year now.....1 year of marriage. I know we had years of history. But i feel you need something a bit different for an anniversary reminder. So here is an online mix tape just for you.....I Love you.

And i just would like to say i think of you every day.

You are my world...and you need to know that even if i don't say it. I love you. And i will always love you.

Sometimes things don't work out, but just realize that I'm falling hard for you. So when you hurt - the wounds are twice as painful for me.

But we have also had some great times together - and while i am not allowed to put the photos up here. See if you can remember the great times we have had here...

Just remember - we have achieved a lot also. We have climbed great heights, as well as fallen great drops. We not only have miracles, you are MY MIRACLE!

So even in the silence, I will still love you

....So whenever you think i am cutting you out - just remember I'm breaking inside. An its only because of my love that i can't speak.

And whenever i am alone, i feel lost without you in my arms.
So i stayed up all night to tell you this. Because quite frankly babe - i would do anything in this world for you.
I love you

Monday, August 24, 2009


Contrary to even what i believed - Compromise is actually an instant where 2 groups lose.

Case and point the recent "Anti-Smacking Bill" / Referendum.

The peoples opinion on the referendum was partially ignored. And on the flip side - the law will not be enforced.

Both parties lose - Compromise.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Very Cool Power Line Design

Created by "No Picnic" these power poles are something different. Would be cool to see these structures around.
We need more stuff like this in the electricity industry - to make it seem more interesting.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I have too many random images....

So i figure what the hell and put them to good use.

Either way go to to see a random image every day.
If you have an image that you want me to use - send it to me

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Airforce entice young children with Candy

Well you cant hit them for trying. These 'concept' cars were designed so that the Airforce has some more pulling strings - to send new meat into the grinder.
These are good in concept.....but they SHOULD be better. Old tech, and impractical in design.....conclusion - WTF!
Mind due what do you expect from the people of Pimp My Ride.....
Hollywood could do better

Now District 9 - that had some baddass Toyota Hilux suitable for any armed force

Saturday, August 15, 2009

New Office!

Yes boys and girls - I now have my own office at work ( small - but its mine.
I'm so proud i cleaned it haha.
I need to find some fun stuff to put in it - so its not so "engineering".

Living the Pinup Lifestyle

So your a fan of the Pin-Up lifestyle? Or mabey you just think things were sexier when women were wearing more clothes. Cruise on over to The Pinup Lifestyle Network and sign up. I am.

Find more photos like this on The Pinup Lifestyle Network

Yacouba Design

Name rings a bell right? We you may remember this guy from all the stunt riding for the KTM SuperDuke movie (check my history). Which seemed to envoke a sensation to go buy one of these KTM 990 Duke's and pull stunts in traffic :)

Well he is infact a designer - and has just released his own range of bikes and clothing. And if your a sicko like me you will love the "hungry", aggressive, slightly insane design stance of his work. Infact it reminds me a lot of the work i used to do when i was younger (which i will have to dig out and put on farrst developments).

His new Brutale - shows the chunky feel to his work. I cant wait to see more.

Go to his site - and watch the video

Friday, August 14, 2009

Well I clearly have been having to much fun relaxing...

And so i haven't done much lately - So check out this record breaking time of the Devon GTX at Laguna Seca. While i get my $h!t together....and sort the million posts i was suppose to do this weekened.
Lovely sound.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Blah blah blah - Mac Motorcycles

Oh god, another praise for Mac Motorcycles? I know - you have heard it all.....
Well, as you guys know, I have a thumper again...... and this has rekindled my love for all things "Uno Cylindro". Basically if you have a love fascination with a should stop listening now. Because when i start talking about the guys at Mac Motorcycles, i may get a bit drunk on the emotion - and start mumbling incoherant sentences about "Humming in the sweet spot" or "Shake rattle and roll" of round town "single" caf 'in.

So to put in the most basic summary known to man. Mac Motorcycles, take a Buell Blast motor (500cc single DUH!) and strap into a frame that looks like its suppose to be ridden.
Everything is cut down on their bikes, just like a true cafe' racer should. Its all nice running gear - So i can tell you straigh away that these bikes will leave Ducati's in the dust in the right hands. And they do their homework. While i like the traditional frame of the just have to love the "big-bend" frame of the others. Its so simple, its clean, its strong.

I can just imagine grabbing one of these, booting it down the street fully opening her up mid-revs down the street. Throttle body croaking like a baratone frog on barry whites viagra, exhaust drumming a solid beat down the empty road and the engine like a big old Singer sewing machine pumping calculated loads of fuel into that lovely motor.

Talking about this bike feels dirty - i don't know if i can go look my wife in the face yet :)
Mac bikes aren't a mistress like your harley would be, it would be the dominatrix that makes you feel like you have to work to get her approval.
I can wait to hear one. It looks like Mac is picking up where the Norton Manx left off.

So check them out at

NASA actually done stuff in the last 30 years??? No Way!

Very good explanation on all the satellites out there!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Texts from last night

Some of you haven't picked up on this little gem yet. But some of the txt's these guys recieve are classics. You can also rank whether on not its a good night, or bad night.
Either way go check it out

You may want to sensor your mind a bit if your a bit restrained in your day to day stuff lol

Tuesday, August 4, 2009