Thursday, July 16, 2009

SE Service Custom Bike Builders

Ok, SE is not the most common name in custom motorcycles.....mabey you have seen some of their work. Like the copperbird?
No. Well remember a concept a while back called the "Harrier"..... it has been built and can be found in all its glory on their site. Looks like the Harrier (a sort of bike along the lines of Bimota's TESI) will be in full production soon.

They do also have some other bikes that have grabbed my interest. Namely the....

Which is very similar to what i want to make in the coming years - but with a single banger rather than a v-twin. Look at the detail - even the throttle cable has pulleys!!!
But overall - very nice bikes. And some thoughts on my mind about these designs - expect some pen to paper in farrst developments soon.
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