Monday, July 27, 2009

New Bike Comming! - 1985 Yamaha SRX4

Hi Guys. Been pretty flat stick with work (new work car - YAY!) and study that i haven't had much time to update here.
However i figured i should let you know that i should be picking up a new bike this week.
WOOOHOOOO - not having a bike for a year was killing me. I felt like i had lost my soul.
Sorry all i have so far are the trademe images.....but will get some more up when i pick up the bike.
Its a 1985 Yamaha SRX-4 (400cc). Single cylinder. 4-stroke. Twin-shock rear. Cafe' racer.
Wont be super quick in current form - but i have a few thoughts on how to make her handle a bit better (will probably end up another farrst developments project).
So excited to ride ANY bike at this point.
Will have photos of the new car later this week too.