Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Need to vent at Vespri NZ (NZ Kiwifruit board)....and a new movie

Ok lets get the nice stuff out the door first. Check out this cool movie "Offline - by Matthew Santoro". Cant wait to see more from this guy. He is good.

Now back to my vent.
Zespri NZ are a bunch of vampires to the New Zealand Kiwifruit Industry. Previously known as "New Zealand Kiwifruit Board" they sold the "Kiwi" name off around the world and then we had nothing (even in China i bought some "Kiwi's" which looks imported from South America. Now they are pushing the Yellow, Genetically modified fruit under the name "Zespri".

Turners and Growers are taking Zespri to court over the monopoly they hold in NZ. I agree with them. If you export your fruit (aka your not a moron) HAVE to go through Zespri. And while that is not a bad thing in some occasions (aka Fonterra) - its shocking for the kiwifruit industry. They are not looking for new markets, they are not pushing the product - they are just relying on what sales they are getting. You see - they get quite fat just sucking the profits out of the existing industry by claiming "It is another bad year".
Thanks Zespri.........2 decades of "bad years" i think we have realised that you don't give a rats arse about trying harder to sell the product for a higher price per tray.

To give you a comparison as to where the money goes, imagine buying a tray of kiwifruit for $50 (a tray more than 30) the time it gets to the packhouse/coolstore....they make less than $ the time it gets to grower we are talking a couple of $. Sound familiar - it should. Kiwifruit in NZ is the equivelent to the coffee industry in South America. To survive in this industry you need a minimum of 15 HA (15km^2) to be productive sufficent to cover your time or costs. The land is worth more bare.

And we have this all to blame to some bad management, poor marketing strategies and general slackness of Zespri NZ. Welcome to the "Microsoft" of the kiwifruit industry.