Sunday, July 5, 2009

The big push for Toyota....

Seems there have been quite a few hits on the site lately, specifically people looking at Toyota Supra article i did. So i thought i might chuck a few more of my thoughts about the proposed future Toyota concepts that are in the pipeline......and why they have not been posted....YET.

New 2012 Toyota Supra.....aka Lexus LFA........the mothership of all that is Supra.
This started many years ago as the Lexus LFA concept, as Toyota had to give up production of the Supra in 1999. They continued the design cues in various 2 door coupe's in the USA (Solaris?).....but not to the same level. So the LFA concept car was released about 5 years ago - with a possible release date of 2007. Which never happened.
Since then it has consitantly shifted every year. The car almost never changes - and frankly im sick of it. They missed the boat to realease a car to beat the GTR, and now they are dicking their customer base around with this car. Release it Toyo......before all your known for is family sedans!

2010 Toyota/Subaru Boxer Coupe concept. I love the concept of this car - except the fact that if Fuji Heavy industry is this slow to release a working concept.......the production version is decades away. I mean come on! its been 1 year and still we only have concept drawings. Here is a car to directly compete with the Nissan 350Z and Hyundai Genisis Coupe (with the GXP coupe in a shallow grave).....and once again Toyota are stalling. There was even word that they have nick-named the chassis AE......a tribute to the old AE86 / AE85 who are one of the god fathers of drift racing. A key marketing strategy - but useless if they dont release a car NOW.

2010 Toyota IQ Sport. Will go into production soon.......but with very little HP increase, in fact all you get is a pretty trim. Whats the point? Smart For-Two sounds like a better option and its already in production. Hell why would you wait for the IQ Sport? - its still going to use more gas than an i-Miev Air Sport anyway.

So basically - Toyota have dropped their nuts. Gone guttless and only making Camry's and Priuses..........which are inspirational as Lentil Soup.
I feel sorry for all the employees at Toyota at this point - they must feel like used car salesmen. Selling the same old models every day. The same pitch. The same colours.
But then again this is a company that released its new crown models to look EXACTLY the same as they were 20 years ago.