Thursday, June 11, 2009

Olivia Munn Tribute Page

Ok Guys......sorry about not chucking stuff up here as often as i should. I have a backlog of stuff to do - and sadly no work has come out of the 100's of job applications i have done.
But today i think the world needs a bit of sunshine, and since i cant put any photos of my lovely lady up here, i give you the worlds lovely lady.
Olivia Munn.
I first heard about Olivia about 6 months ago, with G4 TV's Attack of the Show......where i found she not only looks great - but has a clue. Now thanks to her i have about 20 hours of Ninja Warrior podcasts to go through on the Zune......which will happen when i get another job.......*sigh* ok so it wont happen anytime soon.

Anyway - go to Olivia Munns Website and check her out. Tell me what you think