Saturday, June 6, 2009

Games, Films and some really fantastic fans out there........

Hi Guys, i have been doing a bit of trawling on the internet to see where a few of my favorite things are on the net. This is basically a collection of my findings.

Since I am not allowed to watch Terminator Salvation, until my wife gets back to NZ next week, i have found a great little mini-series done by the Machinima guys (you know used to do all those comedy's on games and such). And i think they have done a pretty much bang up job here - feels like it should be the official prequel to the movie.

Terminator Salvation Prequels (Machinima Series)
Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3 Preview

If that's not your thing, how about half-life?? You remember, that game from the 90's that had such an iconic following that the fans waited years for HL2.....then years for HL2 - episode 1.......and years for HL2 - episode 2........and we are still waiting for HL2 - Episode 3!

Well it turns out there are a few out there that have made their own amusement in the passing years. With some great film and game talent, we are surprised there isn't a Hollywood production out yet.

Why hasn't Steam/Valve.....who ever is holding up the Half-Life production line up....why haven't they hired these guys yet.

First i will show you the Black Mesa Official Main Trailer......a game made by fanatics that didn't really like the fact they had nothing to play with.

Nice work guys.

Now the grand finale - a fan made film, that i feel should be in cinemas. Yet this film was only made for $500!
Done by the Purchase Brothers. This is one fantastic piece of work

Here is hoping part 2 gets released looks amazing for only $500!
For the love of Gordon Freeman do it!