Thursday, May 28, 2009

Zenvo ST1..........Danish supercar wonderland!

I have been holding my breath a bit before putting anything up about this car - just to prove it is not all vaporware......its real and it looks great, goes fantastic and sounds awesome.
It looks like a spiritual successor to the Diablo, the big brother to the GT90 and young hip nephew to the batmobile.

With lovely carved chunks into the bonnet, sculpted beady headlights and mantis like body - this is one sexy little car......but the sound - is just fantastic, forced induction with a real growl.....heaven.
In interior is a very clean layout - with everything in view and arms length - very nice a practical which is all you ask for in an interior.

I really would love to get more footage of this lovely car - so if you have anything on it email it to me at
Here is hoping Zenvo not only release this beast, but follow it up with more cars. I'm seriously in love.......those crazy Danes sure know how to melt a Kiwi's heart.

And article on this fantastic car can be found here. In Danish however