Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Why is it that.....

People can jam a circle into a square?
Everyone i talk to says : "Why don't you keep working in the power sector?"
Well its very simple, i gave the power sector an inch - and they took a foot. I gave the power sector the benefit of the doubt and assumed that technology would slot in there eventually. Well it hasn't, and too make it worse it won't be implemented in the near future.
People are quite happy to do their banking online, buy things over a network with their credit card, store all their important files over a established network........ but control and operate equipment with the latest technology - what are you crazy?
Why has it become a black art to fooling the power and control sector that what you are giving them is exactly the same as their old (outdated) setup. When did these so called professionals "lose interest" in what they did? When did they want to stop learning new things?

Think about is in your professions - when did you last send an actual letter? When did you last walk down the street to pick up a phone and call someone? When did you last look for that last LP you wanted to play on the record player?

Well? if you had to pause to think about those answers - you have already answered the main question - when did you last use old technology?

I was stuck in the power industry - using old thoughts, old processes, old technology.....and i was sick of it. This is not farming (which frankly has better technology anyway), this is engineering. The security safety net that seems to protect things old, is now holding civilization back.

If we do not grow our minds, at what point are we better than any previous generations?