Friday, April 3, 2009

Skoda Fabia Sports Super-Mini

At the Geneva Auto Show - Skoda shows us that it can get its claws out again.

My father, was the type of guy who loved the good old days of rallying. When i was 3 he gave me some matchbox cars, one of which was the Ford RS200 (not 2000 - that was a crap car in comparison). And he would also tell me stories of the legendary Skoda rally cars. The only car that if you lost the front windscreen - you could replace it with the back one.

When i was 15 he nearly bought me one of said Skodas. But it was gone when we got there. He laughed when he found that the new Skoda's were basically VW/Audi with different badging.
However i feel that these shots of the Fabia sports may give him hope again.

Seems the supermini - may be the new RS.
So as a ball park im going to chuck some theories out there about the specs.
2.3L turbocharged, EFI, inline 4 cylinder (200kW)
4WD with independant LSD - most probably based on audi's new baby RS/TTRS
8 speed triptronic or 6 speed manual
18" Enkei superlight mags
0-100kph in 5 seconds
Bose 6 speaker MP3 sound system

But of course this all speculation right now - even the RS bit. All behind a red-curtain.