Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mazda Thinking Outside the Box for Next 4WD

Here is a great read at how the motoring Journo's were pulled into a little room and asked their opinions on how to build a good car.
The result will end up amusing.
Paddy Comyn spent more time pulling apart the backdoor of the auto-design industry than actually designing (thankfully as he can't draw) but my favorite comments are:

"There were lots of interesting haircuts, designer spectacles, "casual" suits and of course, vastly expensive watches. You were certain that they had Apple iPhones in their pockets and collected expensive chairs, too."

"After the feeling of being at your first day at school passed (I even put my hand up) the ideas came surprisingly quickly. How about a handle that closes the door and locks it, like in a patio door? How about floor mats that look like tyres? How about a clear perspex panel in the floor to allow you to see the ground when you are off-road?"

"I quite liked the car designers. They were like eight-year-old boys with expensive crayons and they looked so happy. As job satisfaction goes, drawing cars has got to be right up there."