Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Christians hijack the internet, and my website with it!!!!

Seems people of the faith are trying to spam us on the internet.
I miss-spelt my website today (www.farrst.blogpsot.com) and it got redirected to a christian faith site.
Why would someone buy the above url, unless to spite me? Seriously. What does farrst have to do with the bible?
What a bunch of dorks. I mean its bad enough with Viagra and Porn polluting the internet with redirection to their sites - but this is absurd.
So hear this ABUNDANTBIBLE.COM/Biblecollege.com - rot in hell.

Hmmmm seems i am not the only one to pick up on this......

and this

and here

here is where everything goes

and it seems like i can do nothing about it - except bitch on here

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