Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Banner 2 Banner 1 go!

Sometimes its nice to have soft and hard rock. Sevendust seem to have this harmony nailed. Wicked Vocals, Deceptive drumming with a vicious background guitar work that just sneaks up on you.
You can't help but wail their lyrics with the headphones on.

Good old days of the RGL Ute

Many a good time were had in my 03' Holden work ute. Really nice vehicle to drive - plenty of grunt from the 3.8L V6. Plus this model had the good suspension - but no crappy electrics (like traction control) and no LSD ;)
Certainly made the trips to Fonterra Te Rapa (at 2AM) more enjoyable.

Midnight natterings

Bah, its too early in the morning to be working on CV's and Job applications.
But regardless its just rolled 0200 and i'm not in bed.
So much crap to organize these days.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Christians hijack the internet, and my website with it!!!!

Seems people of the faith are trying to spam us on the internet.
I miss-spelt my website today ( and it got redirected to a christian faith site.
Why would someone buy the above url, unless to spite me? Seriously. What does farrst have to do with the bible?
What a bunch of dorks. I mean its bad enough with Viagra and Porn polluting the internet with redirection to their sites - but this is absurd.
So hear this ABUNDANTBIBLE.COM/ - rot in hell.

Hmmmm seems i am not the only one to pick up on this......

and this

and here

here is where everything goes

and it seems like i can do nothing about it - except bitch on here (the one and only)

Good place to see if a vehicle is legit (NZ only)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Software Notes : Process and Process Models

A software process is:
A set of activities whose goal is the development or evolution of the software.

A software process model is:
A simplfied representation of a software process presented from a specific perspective

Generic Process models included:
- Waterfall
- Evolutionary
- Formal
- Integration

Software Notes : Functional and Non-functional Requirements of a Software Project

Functional Requirements
- Things a software project MUST DO i.e. "What it Does"

The attributes of a good software are (FEMUR):
- Maintainability. The software must evolve to meet changing needs
- Dependability. The software must be trustworthy
- Efficiency. The software should not make wasteful use of system resources
- Usability. The software must be usable by the vendor

Non-Functional Requirements
- This the process the system undertakes. i.e. "How does it work"

Friday, April 24, 2009

Fix three red lights with towels

Ok my Xbox spat the dummy, three red lights.
So i tried this - and it works

Needless to say - it worked.