Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ok all you fatties - take a page out of my book

Admittedly I'm not the fattest. But now when i stand up - the 6 pack is gone, and all i have left is the keg. Well turns out i am only 2 inches away from obese. So i fig fuck it - i am going to change this.
I am not going to dramatically change my diet (of which is a fine balance of good meals and piles of sugary crap in between). I am not going to sign up to a useless gym membership that barely gets used.
I am going to keep it simple.
I simple exercise every day. Hard core, dedicated excercise until i feel like the body is moving.
So the simplest i started yesturday. The good old lap around the extended block.
Last nights sprint (which proved my unfitness level) took over 7 mins. And before you give me shit - put on some shoes, and run as hard as you can for 7 minutes......... dont set the pace! put on the shoes and run like a knife-wheeling maniac is out to kill you. You must be sweating like a pig. If not - YOUR DOING IT WRONG!

So today, i knew what was comming, and bam i sprinted straight off the gates. 5mins 15 seconds.

I know in my mind that a fit version of me can break 4 minutes easy (and i will get a youtube vid when i do this). But i know this wont happen immediately.

So i beg anyone who reads this - put some shoes on and prove something to yourself. If your good enough you can do it in 1 ad break.