Monday, March 2, 2009

The future of HSV

With oil becoming as common as square dancing. HSV (Holden Special Vehicles) have to look at something other than their 300kW V8 doorslammers.
Their answer is this.....the HSV W200h
I'm not going to quote figures as we know its all bullshit until the car is released (unless your so naive to think the Monaro was going to get a 350kw V10.....) but needless to say it looks like it will go quite good. Oh and its a hybrid apparently.
However i cant help feel that the styling is stolen a bit from the Citreon GT

However not all is rosy towards Holden this year. Those jerks have just been paid a large sum of money to produce what i called the "Holden Hero Concept"..... well they released their "new" car in Melbourne.
The bastards are just going to import the Cruze.......a 1.8L yank-tank. Why am i bitter do you ask. Well kiddies - Holden allready had a 1.8L Car, it was called the Viva. The cruze has more gizmos....but essentially it is the same car. This is crap. I await next year for an announcement from Holden that they are going to release a new car. The 1.8L Holden Lacetti. Holden needs to be cut off from the GM chain - because the US part of that chain is attached to a financial and creative anchor.