Thursday, February 26, 2009

Chris Bangle - "Does my car look fat in this kit?"

Savior and Saint, Mr T would say "I pity the fool!"
But is Chris Bangle is a man who built the world a car - that he wanted, and ignored what people wanted. This does in a way make him a bit of a martyr..........for his own cause.
You see, I, Like many others don't like the new 7 series.
Previous 7 Series were classic in their form. They were big........but not Chris Bangle big.
However in his defense he was designing like an american (ok i better explain this...)

American Car design 101:
1) Take existing good car
2) Add excessive bodykit to whole car so it 'looks' bubblish and aerodynamic
3) Make motor bigger but with same power so that it can run air-con and 14 other household appliances at once, at idle

Dont believe me? look at these examples:
Old 280Z.......89" 300ZX (50% american)..........350Z (100% american)
67 Mustang.....80's Mustang........Current One.
Old GT40.......New GT40.....
Dont even get me started on the not-so-small-anymore-MINI for the US market

But thats it..... that is how this

Can be taken away from the gangsters and elite......chopped apart, the parts reassembled with glue.....then it was driven to the newest starbucks by the Cali elite' while the Prius was in the shop and you get this....

So i ask you again,
"Does this Car make my butt look big?"

Please note that I am just poking fun at poor Mr Bangle as i am kind of bitter after driving the old 740i and 850i and now i feel that all the new BMW's don't have the same feeling.
This is not really directed as Mr Bangle who i hope one day to work that enough kiss ass ;)