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God of A.I.

And his little playhouse can be found here...
Go have a play - and have a chat to Ramona. Say hi from me.

Logix5000 Helpful PLC manuals

Chris Bangle - "Does my car look fat in this kit?"

Savior and Saint, Mr T would say "I pity the fool!"
But is Chris Bangle is a man who built the world a car - that he wanted, and ignored what people wanted. This does in a way make him a bit of a martyr..........for his own cause.
You see, I, Like many others don't like the new 7 series.
Previous 7 Series were classic in their form. They were big........but not Chris Bangle big.
However in his defense he was designing like an american (ok i better explain this...)

American Car design 101:
1) Take existing good car
2) Add excessive bodykit to whole car so it 'looks' bubblish and aerodynamic
3) Make motor bigger but with same power so that it can run air-con and 14 other household appliances at once, at idle

Dont believe me? look at these examples:
Old 280Z.......89" 300ZX (50% american)..........350Z (100% american)
67 Mustang.....80's Mustang........Current One.
Old GT40.......New GT40.....
Dont even get me started on the not-so-small-anymore-MINI for the US market

But thats it..... that is how this

Can be taken away from the gangsters and elite......chopped apart, the parts reassembled with glue.....then it was driven to the newest starbucks by the Cali elite' while the Prius was in the shop and you get this....

So i ask you again,
"Does this Car make my butt look big?"

Please note that I am just poking fun at poor Mr Bangle as i am kind of bitter after driving the old 740i and 850i and now i feel that all the new BMW's don't have the same feeling.
This is not really directed as Mr Bangle who i hope one day to work that enough kiss ass ;)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sickness + Chinese Tea = High as a kite

Well i wasn't feeling the greatest today, so i have been resting and drinking green tea. I can honestly say that now my thought process makes forming sentences difficult.
Something is out of wack with my body today.
I haven't quite got flashy colours yet, but certainly feeling strange. Mind due i don't know what recommended daily dose of tea you are suppose to have - but i highly feel that its less than the 1L i have had so far.
Oh yeah check out these cool lights and stuff i found on the net. I like light. Shiny

Igarashi Design bringing sexy back

Ever since the so called "Ghost in a Shell" and "Akira" i have always been fascinated with what funky new designs the Japanese could do with classic forms of vehicles (motorbike, tanks, ships....).
ID Design house seems to be bringing the new level with some tasty concepts.
I wish i could work for them - but alas my Japanese is as fluent as mud.
but go check out their site......but be sure not to drool on the keyboard.

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Black Stig is back?

Personally i think this can only be solved with a duel to the death.
Perhaps Turbo Morris Minors at noon?

Top Gear 12, Episode 8 - Vietnam

I just saw this on TV - absolutely fantastic. I didn't even miss the fact that the cars (and anything over 20 bhp) were missing.
Top Gear at its best - if you miss all the other this one.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hurry up and Sign so i don't have to pull my site down

Damn NZ govt is at it again.
those bunch of overpaid wankers are trying to put pressure on my countrymen.
Sign this or even better bomb the beehive - the last thing good that came out of that place was the builder who built it.

Super GT magazine

Something i picked up from Tokyo Toyota City a while back. Figured i would test the new scanner on it.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

1983 Mitsubishi Sapporo

As some of you will remember this was my baby many years ago when i was a poor student. Unfortunately i had to sell her to continue my studies and have a motorbike. But alas here she is in her glory days of original paint, ROH mags and 2L twin carb, SOHC (with a bit of rally tune ;) ) and of course....the fully electrical pillar less coupe and sunroof.
How i miss her - still my favorite car i ever owned. Expect to see more of her on here in future (when i find the photos)

Sell your soul to the devil

Well i wanted to start something else but i need money - so i sold my soul to the advertising devil.
But do not fear - this means more will be posted here than you have ever seen before.
So keep watch.... cos things are going to get a bit chaotic in the next few days.....

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Side project for V

expect more from both of us soon.
FYI i working on something big that will start to fly this week.

NB : im also working on some crappy small things that have stopped me posting stuff.....some people call it work.......its crap never try it

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Nine Inch Nails - Head Down


what you looking at?
head down
too late for that
what you want
what you get
know your place
don't ever forget
and this is not my face
and this is not my life�
and there is not a single thing here
i can recognize
this is all a dream
and none of you are real
i'll give anything
i'll give anything�

hey you
what you running from?
all your hate
what you've become
bet you didn't think
it would happen to you
all used up
half way through

and this is not my face
and this is not my life�
and there is not a single thing here
i can recognize
this is all a dream
and none of you are real
i'll give anything
i'll give anything�

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sorry guys and girls been kinda busy

With the trip to Marks wedding, and deadlines for the Haymarket project comming up..... lets just say this weekend will be a well rested one.
Have lots of news for you all however so check back on Sat.