Sunday, December 21, 2008

Why trendy is not always good and some more Newcastle photos

I'm sorry but i just don't like it...
And no convincing me that anyone who would own a normal car would buy the apple iMO (or is that eMO).
However apple if you release this i would be happy to Beta test it....i have good offroad tracks where i am.
Its like a segway for really fat ugly people.......there are so many things wrong with it.

I also have some photos here of a fort i went to on one of my last trips to Newcastle.
There is just something peaceful about a 6 inch on the beach.....don't you think.
They were used once to scare a Japanese sub out of the harbour, during WWII.
The fort was a fully operational barracks until the 1970's.

Also here is a GB500 i found it Sydney........isn't she cute.
Would hate to guess how much the owner paid for her - as imported bikes are really expensive. And something like this was probably imported from New Zealand i imagine.