Saturday, December 6, 2008

Reinventing the wheel, tagger style

Now i'm not a fan of tagging at all, infact up intil now.....i figured all are complete morons. But when i moved to Newcastle, i found something that grabbed my attention, it was unique, it was not i some text that only a retard with cross eyes could read, and it had a simple message....Empathy.

While i do not 100% support this tagging, and i still think that this is bad as its permanent, and has no consent. I found it interesting that clearly someone who has talent, and knowledge is displaying it in this matter.....and i like the message. Just not the medium.
Turns out this is not the origin however.....that was started by this guy a long time ago using chalk (a better alternative in my mind)

Now there is some class, however i still prefer the term "Empathy" as we all need this wake up call shown to us sometimes - as the world can be cold place.
It's like those t-shirts that told everyone to :)
Is there a tag in the world telling people to smile somewhere?

PS: Taggers who write their names or what ever they like to be called, do this as they never progressed passed kindergarten (explains how they form what they call letters). And just like 5 year olds should get arse kicked for being stupid little morons.