Friday, December 26, 2008

Merrry Xmas and all the Trappings!

Sorry guys i had no internet, thanks to Virgin's System getting totally F'ed up.
Wireless Broadband go by-by.
After V harrassed them for about 2 hours they gave in and gave us a $20 top-up.......while my $100 topup still sits in limbo.
In other news toyota made its first loss this these are grim days.
Still this could have all been avoided if they build this....

Or even something that looked remotely like the old supra.......

But that is too much to ask for a car company to actually build cars people that people want.....that people actually want to drive. Honda have cancelled their NSX program. Porsche are designing cars for soccer mums. The big american 3 had to ask for a hand from George so they can build economical cars (and the australian 2 for that matter.....). Grim indeed.
Of course this could have all be avoided if the richest people in the world didn't invest in the poorest people in the world who have no idea of how to manage money. Blind leading the Stupid really. Or is this as Ayn Rand predicted? I think not as the smart and hardworking seem to get hurt just as bad.
But that is enough doom and gloom from me for now, im just depressed because the weather is FANTASTIC in Newcastle.....and i don't have a bike to ride.

On the upside V got a snorkel and mask for Xmas - so we shot of down to the water yestuday so i could teach her the basics.
What we found has to be Newcastle's best kept secret.
A man made rock pool, with a diameter of about 30 meters.......but it was inside that was amazing.
SEALIFE!!!!.................. with the water less than 1 meter deep, and no predators it was the best snorkelling i have had in my life. Tropical fish, Tropical coral, Mini-Schools of what looked to be baby trevelley (sp?), baby puffer fish, neons........1000's of fish in a mini tank. Better than any aqurium i have ever been into in my life......
I will take the waterproof camera down with me tomorrow and see if i can get a film. That place is truly magic.
Right best i go do some reading and relax - will keep you posted