Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Years......gotta be better than the old one ;)

Evil looking building i found in Sydney yesturday.

Well its been fun kiddies - but 2008 is gone. May it rest in peace.
So lets list the top of the top for 2008.

Best viral advertising campaign for a vehicle for 2008 - Lotus Evora
Worst.... - Audi

Saddest moment of 2008 - Fixing up my lovely fazer 1000.....only to get an offer overseas and to have to sell it again
Happiest.... - Having Yuqi on the back of the bike for the ride home after i proposed to her.

Sit down and have a coffee on me. Big shout out to Mark (the evil looking one) and Jane who can now officially hate each other now that they are married (i still beat you lol).

Longest queue for 2008 - The one going into the opera house park yesturday morning (yes the gates were open).....looking to be about a 1000 people waiting in a line in the morning sun.
Shortest.... - The one handing out money to the US auto industry.

Biggest let down for 2008 - finding out how much THE SAME BANKS in Aus rip off people in comparision to NZ.
Biggest bonus for 2008 - finding out im not as stupid as i look

Britomart train station - still the nicest train station in Australasia

Slowest thing in 2008 - My ford laser POS auto
Fastest... - getting engage, married, changing countries, changing cities.....good god what the hell is comming next?

Right best i run off folks, my water/alcohol ratio is not doing so good after last night