Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Handy hint for the day

I just undocked my pc, now i couldn't find any of my windows.
The solution is here (thanks to onetipaday.com)

"I just found an easy solution for moving application windows that have somehow ended up off-screen back to the middle of a monitor where you can see it. It was such a nice fix, I just had to share it!

Alt-tab to get the offending application as the active application in windows
Go to the taskbar and right click on the application and choose ‘Move’
You cursor will now changes shape to one with arrows at each corner. Now just use your arrow keys to move the hidden app to where you can see it, and the problem is solved!
With some applications there isn’t a Move option in Windows. Don’t worry, because for these applications just do 1, but use ‘ALT+SPACE+M’ to activate Windows Move option.