Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Cake is a lie!

Hi all best i touch base again....
Looks like move no. 4356 (and man am i sick of moving - im starting to feel like bedouin) is about to happen in the next few weeks with both V and i moving to a studio apartment in Ashfield in Sydney....... will keep you posted as always. As it stands i am still paying rent in Newcastle and all my stuff is still here. So if you know anyone wanting to rent in Newy let me know. Shame really as i quite like it here.
In other news Volvo just released a new image of the new s60 concept, using their new design language.....and i have to admit i think this will be one tasty car. Its good to see an angro ovlov for once.

Its seems that FUJI Heavy Industries has shifted some funds into Subaru's design department in the last few months with some very tasty concepts for the legacy and the mysterious Subaru/Toyota Coupe' (RWD FTW!) poping up for 2010.

Right i should leave it like that for a short time.....check back later this week when i tell you why XP sucks over Vista (yes i did get that the right way around - i found something in XP that really irritates me now.....and is fixed in Vista)
Adios Amigo's