Saturday, December 13, 2008

Betty is down! New Bioshock! Auto Industry Bailout! And James May is the Stig!

Hi all,
Sad, happy, and confusing news for you today. I'm killing some time before i go catch my train to Sydney (again). So i figure i should update you all on worldy events.
Sadly 50's pinup model Betty Page died recently.
She forever be on film, in the prime of her life.
On other news...
Bioshock 2 IS CONFIRMED FOR LATE 2009!!!!
I'm excited allready

Auto industry bailout...
I don't get it - if the tax system saves and PRIVATE industry, does that mean tax payers get cheaper cars? If a multinational company can not weather an international storm then what good are they? Imagine if Microsoft said they needed a bailout package?
Time for the American Auto Makers to grow up and stop crying back to mummy when they fail.

Now for a bitch session....
Aussies!! you guys are getting completelely screwed by the banks here. When living in NZ i used the exact same banks as i am in Aussie in comparison the exact same accounts are costing me a minimum of $3/month PER ACCOUNT. The credit card services are crap and expensive......
How come??? Becuase no one has complained is why.
In NZ, using exactly the same bank corp. I had not paid a single fee (pre-moving to Aus) since 2000........
Not only that but my credit card only cost me $20/year and had a good points redemtion system included.
Its Bullshit what banks charge here - there are more customers here. The average cost should be LOWER!!!!
And the service is just not there. I have had more assistance from Police officers giving me tickets. Buck up you ideas Aussie banks, before Kiwi Bank makes it over here and you lose ALL of your customers.