Friday, October 31, 2008

Sorry guys...once again i have been flooded

Well its day 5 in Newcastle (6 in Australia) and things are going ok.....finally.
I will put some photos up tomorrow - right now as i type this I am sitting on the "mattress" on the floor. So will have to wait till tomorrow as i get more furniture then.
Did a short course on ClearSCADA for most of this week - looks like next week i'm going to teach myself AllenBradley PLC's.
V arrived in Newcastle yesturday, and her luggage followed about 4 hours later.
I have a new company phone, so V has my prepaid number now. Will post more details when i get a desk and chair tomorrow.
Sun i arrived at Auckland Airport (Cheers Tab), and promptly threw away 1 whole bag of stuff before boarding (i was still 27kgs after this excersise).
Sun/Mon were spent in a motel about 10 mins walk from work.
Tue/Wed spent sleeping the apartment.....with what i had in my pack........i was so guttered to remember that my lovely soft sleeping bag was in the bag..... back in NZ.
So it was just me, the woodern floorboards of my expensive CBD apartment........and a Wool trenchcoat to hold me off the floor. Ha a hobo in his own home. Was at work during normal hours so i couldn't organise anything. The advantage came when i had a company car from Tue to today. Only takes about 20 mins in PEAK traffic to work. 70kph roads everywhere.
When V arrived yesturday, we promptly shot around and got a mattress, and a 3G wireless card - HOORAAAHHH internet.
Bed hopefully will arrive tomorrow, as will the fridge and washing machine.
Am 5 mins walk from a beach, 5 mins walk to some mean view up a hill, 5 mins walk from "CBD" and about 10 mins walk from trainstation.
I have picked up a quick accent to fool the aussies here, pool = pooule, six = seex....... but half the people i have delt with here have been pretty nice, and about 10% i would touch with a 10ft barge the ratio is about the same as everywhere else in the world.
Work is good so far - i think im going to learn a lot from Serck........its funny as i majorly underestimated how big this company is. SCADAGroup has a lot to offer young engineer.......but its not IEC61850 compliant ;)
Will touch base tomorrow, same bat time, same bat channel