Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Biker community

I think that people misinterpret how the motorcycle society works.
First there are the
Nancys: Often seen on a GSXR or something from OCC, the bike has 5,000ks on the clock and was cleaned every 500m. Most have loud pipes for no reason at all except to scare them form getting anywhere near the read line.
then you have the
Boydsters: They enjoy the show scene more than actually riding. They love the look of polished chrome, carbon fibre.......like a crow anything shiny. Anodised this, polished that......the bike gets about 4 hours use a year. Pinicacle of the boydsters are those with 300 section rear tyres.
then the
Dumpsters: Rats, cats and other road kill. Bikes go to these owners to die, but first the loose any form of dignity they once had. Matt Black covers rust, body work looks like it hit the weights bench too often, engines sound like a stumbling drunk reciting the alphabet.
Hoarders: These people are basically older versions of the above species, and a combination of all 3. They still have that 1952 Triumph 3TA, in 6 boxes, that they bought for $200 and planned to rebuild (3 years ago), the 10 jappas the have had since then. The XLCR harley they bought cos they thought it looked cool. The 1/5 of a BMW 1100GS all the important parts missing - and that just the "workshop" in their collections also could be the "collectors" room where they have a mint 79" Z1, 650 Bonnie, Harley VROD, Moriwaki ZX10R, RG500......all with 500m on the clock.
Hoarders own all these bikes, but only actually ride some clapped out old Bandit/FJR/Honda that was NEVER fixed but was bought with intention of fixing it.
also the
Colgates: The racers of the lot, cafe racers, road racers - you know them not by their ability to ride badly but the ridiculous colours their leathers are. The have bikes they use on the track usually that they bolt lights on, bolt a plate on and they are off. Big talkers on group rides, over corner every chance they get to show off. Often have the most spectacular crashes. Probably the most skilled in the group, but the most cocky at the same time - making for the most interesting maneuvers. Usually ending with a more than average expense of a race bike sliding down the road.
and one final note is for the
Undead: Born again, or never stopped - these bikers have had Castrol 2T running in their blood for centuries. Their ideas and riding styles suit that of 1930's motorcycling. These are the older (sometimes just in spirit not in age) of the group. They remember the good old days (sometimes) where they did their first ton, and have never progressed past that. Quite often have NEVER found the 6th gear and don't know it has been invented yet (even if it is on their current bike). Enjoy sitting on a bike, any bike, flicking swiches twisting grips, nodding their head saying "Yep...yep". When talking bikes to people, will try chucking in a technical term at a loud enthusiastic pitch i.e. "Yeah, it even has on of those over head cam things". Always welcomed to the group, kinda like having death concentrate on someone else other than you.

These are just the variety that ride
So as you can see i have evidence that regardless of bike we all have our pitfalls.