Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tigcraft road bike

For those of you who dont know - tigcraft is a firm that builds small, light, race bikes. This is their first road bike. And im a big single fan - and i think the suzi 400 sounds great.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Far north Trip 3

And here are some photos from a recent sales trip i did up to Whangarei.

Far North Trip 2?

Hi Guys, Its been a while since i chucked up anything personal. So here are some photos of a short trip i did on the fazer, basically i tried to get lost and only ended up in Orewa. So it was fail for the ride but the photos look nice

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A fantastic story from JRandom @ KB

Police Infringement Bureau secures jrandom as satisfied customer

We're always complaining about the cops on this forum, so I thought I'd share a positive story for a change.

Y'see, the other weekend, I was ticketed twice, by two different Highway Patrol officers, for speeding on the Napier-Taupo road.

Of course, being, as I am, a reckless and dangerous lawbreaker, I was already on 125 points and awaiting a suspension letter.

Fortunately, it turned out that paying both those new tickets quick-smart and getting the points from them onto my licence before I surrendered it would mean that I'd get it back free of any demerit points three months later.

So I trotted into the Parnell Westpac, brace of tickets in hand, and paid my $290.

A week of hiding under the bed every time the licence collector man knocks on the door passes, and I call LTNZ to check whether the points have been recorded against my licence.

Nope. Call the Police Infringement Bureau, they say.

So I do.

PIB: "One of the tickets you mention, yes, jolly good, thank you for paying that, it takes up to two weeks to record the points with LTNZ."

Hmm. OK. Fuckin' bureaucracy.

But the other ticket?

PIB: "Sorry, sir, we have no record of that other ticket being issued."

Me: "I got it two weeks ago! The lazy snake that wrote it must have left it sitting in his glovebox. I have his officer number here; can you call him and give him a tickle-up so that I can get this processed onto my licence?"

PIB: "ROFL. LOL. LMAO. Of course not. Fuck off."

Me: "You suck. I'm calling the PCA."

PIB: "Awesome! Here's their 0800 number."

*ring ring*

*ring ring*

PCA: "Hi there. Share and enjoy!"

Me: "Uh. Thanks. Officer TRG906 is a slackarse. Can you give him a tickle-up? I want these points on my licence so that they get cleared when I surrender it."

PCA: "Office TRG906 does indeed sound like a lazy motherfucker. However, it takes about six months to go through our complaint process. I reckon you should just call Inspector Spongebob* back at the PIB. He doesn't like lazy motherfuckers."

* name changed for privacy reasons

Me: "Sweet."

*ring ring*

*ring ring*

Inspector Spongebob: "Hi there, citizen. How may I protect and serve you today?"

Me: "Officer TRG906 is a lazy motherfucker. I've paid my tickets and I want the points recorded already so that they're not still there when I finish my suspension. Can you give him a tickle-up?"

Inspector Spongebob: "Sure. I'll call you back once I've gotten hold of him."

*fast forward to later*

*jrandom's cellphone rings*

Inspector Spongebob: "Officer TRG906 has been duly chastised. Your ticket is now in the system. My apologies for the inconvenience. Please don't hesitate to call back in future should you experience further difficulties receiving just and timely penalties for your vicious crimes."

Me: "Thank you, Inspector Spongebob. I want to be a policeman when I grow up."

So, folks, the moral of the story is, if bureacracy is mucking you around, there's almost always some codgy underworked old bastard in Wellington who'll be more than happy to hurry it along.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lotus Evora Pics

Well i searched for an hour for the release pics....but then i gave up and went to sleep.
Back at the office now i can officially release some pics to you guys.
For more info on the Evora go to

Lotus EVORA!

WOW, nice.
2+2, coupe, 3.5L......alloy everything........
Will get some pics up when i find them


Just waiting for Lotus to release their new car. I have to admitt the anticipation is killing me.
For thouse who dont know what im talking about go to
I will install msn.......mabey add a few more vids up here, apply for a few jobs......must kill time......

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Street Drifting in Japan

Kids dont try this at home. I miss my holden ute......come to think about it...i miss rear wheel drive!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Beutler BMW fighter

This is absolutely sick - i love it, BMW's usually look so damn boring.
Full story here

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bimota Motard Concept

By our good friend Mr Bezzi (see previous posts) - here is the sexiest motard on the planet. pity is a v-twin......

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Biker community

I think that people misinterpret how the motorcycle society works.
First there are the
Nancys: Often seen on a GSXR or something from OCC, the bike has 5,000ks on the clock and was cleaned every 500m. Most have loud pipes for no reason at all except to scare them form getting anywhere near the read line.
then you have the
Boydsters: They enjoy the show scene more than actually riding. They love the look of polished chrome, carbon a crow anything shiny. Anodised this, polished that......the bike gets about 4 hours use a year. Pinicacle of the boydsters are those with 300 section rear tyres.
then the
Dumpsters: Rats, cats and other road kill. Bikes go to these owners to die, but first the loose any form of dignity they once had. Matt Black covers rust, body work looks like it hit the weights bench too often, engines sound like a stumbling drunk reciting the alphabet.
Hoarders: These people are basically older versions of the above species, and a combination of all 3. They still have that 1952 Triumph 3TA, in 6 boxes, that they bought for $200 and planned to rebuild (3 years ago), the 10 jappas the have had since then. The XLCR harley they bought cos they thought it looked cool. The 1/5 of a BMW 1100GS all the important parts missing - and that just the "workshop" in their collections also could be the "collectors" room where they have a mint 79" Z1, 650 Bonnie, Harley VROD, Moriwaki ZX10R, RG500......all with 500m on the clock.
Hoarders own all these bikes, but only actually ride some clapped out old Bandit/FJR/Honda that was NEVER fixed but was bought with intention of fixing it.
also the
Colgates: The racers of the lot, cafe racers, road racers - you know them not by their ability to ride badly but the ridiculous colours their leathers are. The have bikes they use on the track usually that they bolt lights on, bolt a plate on and they are off. Big talkers on group rides, over corner every chance they get to show off. Often have the most spectacular crashes. Probably the most skilled in the group, but the most cocky at the same time - making for the most interesting maneuvers. Usually ending with a more than average expense of a race bike sliding down the road.
and one final note is for the
Undead: Born again, or never stopped - these bikers have had Castrol 2T running in their blood for centuries. Their ideas and riding styles suit that of 1930's motorcycling. These are the older (sometimes just in spirit not in age) of the group. They remember the good old days (sometimes) where they did their first ton, and have never progressed past that. Quite often have NEVER found the 6th gear and don't know it has been invented yet (even if it is on their current bike). Enjoy sitting on a bike, any bike, flicking swiches twisting grips, nodding their head saying "Yep...yep". When talking bikes to people, will try chucking in a technical term at a loud enthusiastic pitch i.e. "Yeah, it even has on of those over head cam things". Always welcomed to the group, kinda like having death concentrate on someone else other than you.

These are just the variety that ride
So as you can see i have evidence that regardless of bike we all have our pitfalls.