Saturday, June 21, 2008

New Casio Ediface Range is out!

Well while in China i saw millions of Rolex's and Cartier (Fakes and Actual stolen watches).....but after looking at all these - nothing grabbed my attention like a Casio Ediface, it had both form and function in it as well as fantastic movement. See the attached pic of the model i got in the end. (EFA-120L-1A1)

However the new range is out now (ok a year behind the rest of the world, but i do live in NZ) pic would have to be the replacement to my current.....the EFA-123-D2

However i am not a fan of the plastic or rubber strap. Or metal straps for that matter (they remove hair from my wrist faster than an epilator). I think the James bond look is good. But i still prefer the older model.

Also the dynamic collection from casio looks to have DCF77 GPS/Radio Time Sync built in.......which doesnt help me down here in NZ unless it has IRIG-B or NTP GPS Time Sync