Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas Everyone

Well boys and girls i was planning to put a big message here.....but after a frantic time MSNing i now realize that i am running out of time (Big dinner, shaking allready)
So big Merry Bloody Xmas to you all.
So here are some tips for you all from my travels (or as many as 30 sec allows)
- Get a day pass for the subway, take the Yamanote goes everywhere you need to go.
- Akihabara is not cheap, computer prices there are roughly 2 x NZ. But the place is awesome to visit.
- Bandaids can be used as insulation tape, fingernail clippers can cut power cords, viola.......power supply for laptop with Japannese plug
- Put money on money tray, slide tray to attendant.
- Tokyo = superclean. Even gas mask wearing clean.
- Big bore limo scooters are common.
- Pimps wear big cashmere coats, but no one fucks with a 6ft Gaijun (outsider) wearing a full length Cashmere coat!!!! Mafia!!!!!

- Sitting the the backseat of a car, from airport to city......culture shock.
- No traffic issue, just personality ones
- OSH do not exist here, plank of wood is sufficent bridging between an elevator and the 20th floor of an apartment building.
- I have a new definition of dirty.
- Food = cheap, life = cheap, everything else is still relative to NZD.
- Good infirstructure, no cleaning.
- Don't pay half price for a get half the car. I saw a VW Polo.......same shape, same motor......but all other dimensions must have been interpreted as cm not inches!
Right best i got sit at a table, eat food, be polite and not have a single clue as to what people are saying!
Adios Chums

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Avanti for sale

Bike for sale - on sellmefree and trademe
drop me an email at

Monday, July 30, 2007


Bloody Asians everywhere!!! even in my shots. Here is a Kodak moment for Millie - i reckon its an advertising shot of the Cape.
Right now back to the Rest of the trip.
Below in random order is the various photos/films of the trip guys.....its probably all ready spilling onto the next page. I've tried to keep as many pics of V off the film, as lovely Yuqi will kill me if i put the few hundred photos she took of herself up on here.
Why was i an Engineer again???